If you’re thinking about putting a pool in your backyard, you’ve probably already done plenty of research and maybe talked with friends, family and neighbors with pools. You may have heard some horror stories about pool builders in the Santa Barbara or Southern California area who go far over budget and end up with huge delays before finishing a pool project. How do you avoid the same fate?

Here are what we think are some of the most important characteristics of a reputable, reliable pool builder.

Committed to Safety

Safety should be on the top of your list both in building and maintaining a pool. A good pool builder will be able to flag potential safety concerns you hadn’t thought about, educate you on local safety codes, and of course ensure a safe worksite throughout your pool construction. 

Following Code 

Building codes related to pools are about ensuring the safety and longevity of new pool construction. If a builder does not have a thorough understanding of these codes, it can cause unnecessary work, construction delays, and additional cost.

Following Your Specs

Chances are, you have a vision of what your pool will look like and what amenities it will have. A skilled pool builder will be able to turn that vision into a reality. In addition to the features of your pool, an important aspect to consider is your lifestyle and how you plan to use the pool ongoing. A good pool builder will develop a complete understanding of what you have in mind.

Respectful of Your Budget

Building a pool is a big investment. Given the costs, it’s essential to hire a professional who gives you an honest, accurate quote upfront and is able to deliver on-budget. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t expect some cost overruns, particularly as material prices fluctuate. And in many cases, the scope of work for your pool build may change during the construction process as you swap in or swap out certain features.

A Solid Local Track Record

A company near you in Santa Barbara or Southern California will have experience with local building codes, pool design preferences, geography/topography, and other factors. Make sure the builder can share many photos and references from prior client jobs so you get a sense of the quality of their work.

Committed to Customer Service

A good pool builder will be in constant communication from your first call until your first dip. So many variables come into play when building a pool, and the most important piece of the customer service process is to keep the customer up to date and be available to address questions and concerns.